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This may be old meme already, but I'm posting about it anyway. The last couple nights I've been seeing an ad on television for a particular snack food. It gave me one of those WTF?!? moments when I first saw it, and I waited to see it again to find out if I'd actually heard what I thought I'd heard. I did. The fifteen second commercial begins by listing the various nuts in the product, and quickly reaches the tag line "The result; an extraordinary nut sack!"

I suspect the advertising agency did this deliberately, so that the ad would become a viral video on the Internets (which is exactly why I'm not linking to it— if you haven't seen it, and simply must, all you need do is Google "extraordinary nut sack." I hear they've changed the tag line just the other day to "a truly extraordinary snack!" I did see the nut sack version on the Hallmark Channel last night, though. Hallmark sentiments indeed!

Further poking and prodding of YouTube has turned up another enjoyable Bidu Sayão performance, this of O Mio Babbino Caro from Puccini's one-act comic opera "Gianni Schicchi" which premiered in 1918. I'd say this 1940s recording from a Bell Telephone Hour broadcast is the best rendition I've ever heard of this brief aria. If you want the English translation of the lyric, it's in one of the comments on the video, but if you don't know it already I'd suggest listening to the song first. The lyrics aren't quite what someone unfamiliar with the opera would expect. Non-opera fans might recognize the song from the soundtrack of the 1980s Merchant-Ivory movie "A Room With a View". Click the "More info" link on the right side of the page to read a good biographical sketch of the singer and her career.

The gray cat has clearly claimed my yard as his territory, suffering the presence only of the striped cat. He spent all of last night out there, mostly napping in one spot or another. The night before, I heard him yowling at the white faced gray cat, who is older and a bit scraggly, and no match for him. White faced cat had found a bit of food in the bowl I'd left out for them, and gray cat was displeased at sharing it with this rival. I broke them up before a fight could get started, but I suspect that the presence of the white faced cat is why gray cat stayed in the yard last night. He wants to intercept the other cat some distance from the house so it won't have my protection. I begin to think gray cat too clever. He probably wants to claim me.

If the temperature would drop by ten degrees, the weather would be splendid. My wish is not in the forecast. Stupid August.

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