rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Watering the jasmine frequently is succeeding, and loads of new buds have appeared on it, along with many fresh blossoms. If this continues to go well, and barring any more fires, the nights of early August may prove to be as fragrant as the nights of July ought to have been. This, if accompanied by some moderation of the oppressive temperatures, and perhaps the continued availability of casaba melons as tasty as the one I recently bought, might well turn this Summer from Hell to a more commonplace Summer from Purgatory. A cooling trend would allow me to leave the air conditioner off, and the consequent reduction of the power bill would compensate for the inevitable rise in the water bill which will ensue from my more frequent watering of the plants. Life could approach tolerability.

Right now it approaches a black cherry flavored Dryer's frozen fruit bar.
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