rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The people who moved in next door spend hours in their back yard every evening and loudly play new country music, slick R&B, and Carole King. Now I wish the kid with the Green Day albums hadn't sold the place.

There's a cool evening with a faint hint of smoke in the air. The last of the local fires is still only 90% contained, with full containment expected on the 27th. I suspect it's moved back into regions difficult to access, and that's why it's taking so long. The CalFire page for the Butte County fires says that they has so far cost $78.3 million. A person could buy a nice house in Los Angeles for that.

This photo from the L.A. Library collection shows one Teddy Metcalf washing an elephant of the Clyde Beatty Circus lying on the street on May 22, 1937 on Grand Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard downtown. It makes me very happy to look at it.

When I have the windows closed on the noise from next door, I can listen in peace to such recent YouTube delights as this Friedrich Holländer tango recorded in 1930. The accompanying text reveals to me that I heard a lot of this composers music growing up and never knew it. He fled Germany after the Nazis took power, and had a long career composing scores for Hollywood films, a few of which I saw in theatres when they were new, and others of which I recall seeing on television. He had also composed a few scores for German films, most notably "The Blue Angel." The tango is very nice.

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