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Smokin' Hot [Jul. 18th, 2008|10:45 pm]
More new photos up at the Flickr photostream of the Library of Congress. Ice yachts, boxers, baseball players, and swimmers, among others (the Finnish wrestler Nestori Tuominen was certainly a confident-looking dude.) I never get tired of perusing the LOC photos, or digging up information about their subjects on the Internets. I do run out of time for them, though.

Last week I got a Flickr message from someone who was writing an article (for Newsday, I think) about the LOC photostream and those of us who track down information about the subjects of the photos and leave comments about them. She wanted to communicate with me about what I was doing, but the next day, before I could get around to it, we had to evacuate. I was without Internets for several days and by the time I got back and re-settled at home it seemed too late. Gee, another fifteen minutes of fame thwarted.

It was hotter today, and the air was poorer than yesterday's. The fat, round moon just rose and is slightly orange again from the smoky haze hanging in the air. I just fed two of the feral cats a can of food left from when I still had a kitty living with me. I've done that a couple of times before, but soon I'll run out of leftover cans and I don't intend to buy more. I hope the cats aren't too disappointed when the special treats come to an end. This was a can of special food from the vet, containing anti-oxidants, and meant to be fed only occasionally. I figure the cats have been breathing as much smoke as we have and could probably use some anti-oxidants. If the third cat shows up tonight, he'll have to settle for one of the last three cans of fancy feast.