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A cool north breeze is barely stirring the leaves, and so far brings only faint hints of smoke now and then. The fire which brought all the bother and is still bringing smoke was 85% contained this morning. No word on how long before it will be out. Only 38 fires remained burning statewide today, of the more than 2000 we've had since the June 20, lightning incidents, and those 2000+ have consumed over 900,000 acres of forest and brush land. That's about 1400 square miles, which is a bit more than the entire land area of Rhode Island. Only two or three more months of high-risk fire season to go, depending on whether or not the autumn rains come early (or at all.) Oh, yay.

Here's a weblog about wildfires with some interesting storits, including one about a bear cub rescued from one of the fires in Mendocino National Forest.

Random observations.

One of the kitties is hanging out in my back yard. I don't know if he's waiting for me to put out more food or if he's just waiting for his girlfriend to show up.

I think the reason there are no crickets in my yard is because I don't water the lawn enough. The neighbors with green lawns all still have crickets.

The moon will turn full just after midnight local time tonight. According to Farmer's Almanac (hey, the Old Farmer has a web site!) this is the Buck Moon. Oh, deer.

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