rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I'm going to attribute my recent lack of energy to all the smoke I've inhaled this summer. Stupid fires. There might have been an undetected flareup in my head, as there are no longer any ideas there— just ashen rubble.

The windows are currently open. The waxing moon illuminates the burgeoning leaves of the mulberry tree, and the chirping of crickets drifts on the cool air. The smoke from the lingering fire to the north will probably arrive in an hour or so and I'll have to close the house up again. It's impossible to describe how tired I am of hearing the air conditioner. A couple of hours respite from it is better than none, though.

A while ago I was sitting on the back porch and, getting up to go indoors, I scanned the back yard and saw the gray striped cat lying a couple of dozen feet away, watching me. She (I'm now pretty sure striped cat is female) remained in place as I watched back for a moment, and then when I went inside she came trotting up to the door. She was obviously waiting for a handout so I put a bit of dry cat food in the bowl. Then I noticed that solid gray cat was out there too, hanging back.

He (I'm now quite sure that solid gray cat is male) is more reticent than striped cat, and always waits longer than she does to approach the house. After I placed the bowl and returned inside, I watched through the window and saw striped cat eat a bit. Gray cat patiently waited until she had her fill and then ate a bit himself while she groomed herself nearby. Then they wandered off together. I'll be very surprised if there aren't kittens somewhere nearby within a few weeks.

One of the things I missed a lot while without access to the Tubes of Internets was YouTube. It was nice to get such a splendid welcome back as two sides of a 1921 record by Edith Wilson— no, not the wife of President Woodrow Wilson, but this little-known blues singer. The tracks are I Don't Want Nobody Blues, and The West Texas Blues, and they add up to the best scant six minutes I've spent all day.

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