rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Normalizing, after a fashion

The moon, nearly full, is pale and without an orange cast tonight for the first time in more than a week. The sky went from hazy gray to something very close to blue as the afternoon passed. Now the night breeze is finally free of the scent of smoke, although the fires are not out. There's a bit of dampness in the air.

If I get very close to them, I can smell the perfume rising from the last of the jasmine blossoms. The night feels very close to normal now, though I'm still enduring more languor than I'd normally feel this early in the evening. Getting everything back to where it belongs, cleaning up the fallen bits of ash, catching up on watering the yard, and dealing with last week's mail which all arrived in a bunch today, has drained my energy.

Plus, the aged parents are still cranky and suffering the after effects of their temporary displacement. Only the feral cats have easily resumed their old habits of coming around to beg each night. I can't be sure we'll ever quite get as far as they have.

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