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Well, that was interesting. We're back, and the place is still here. The various and sundry warnings and orders and such were lifted at one o'clock this afternoon, and though the local fire isn't entirely out the hottest part of it has gone off to devour what's left of places it already partly devoured earlier this week. I haven't been down to the end of the road to look across the river and see what devastation might be seen.

The sky remains very hazy, but the air no longer stinks. It's probably only moderately hazardous to breathe. In other words, no worse than an average day down in the valley where I was the last two days. Before that we just went to the other side of town, and snorted more particulates per hour than you can inhale in the worst week of the year in Los Angeles.

It was less bad in Chico. Oh, and I got to go to a Safeway which has hardwood floors in its fruity vegetable and bakery ends. Also J.C. Penney's for new socks I've been needing. I heard trains at night. I haven't heard trains in years. I also heard the water bombers, which were flying out of Chico airport. It was all terribly urbane. It would have been a nice vacation had I not had to be doing all the nonagenarian wrangling. The nonagenarians are very happy to be back in their highly combustible home. I suppose I am, too, since there'll be way less drama (as long as the fires don't flare up again) and I might be able to catch up on lost sleep. And all my stuff is unburned. There's fresh food and water out for the feral cats. I wonder if they missed me?

I might even catch up on LJ later, but now nap. I hope I haven't forgotten how to work the Internets. Though I took Gladys the laptop with me, I never got near an connection.

Mmmm, Dryer's frozen fruit bars. I've been thinking about them languishing in the freezer the whole time I've been gone.

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