rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Barely Raining

All day the sky grey and what people who don't like rain are pleased to call threatening. Maybe they have to go out and walk in it. Maybe some of them are farmers and their crops are at a stage where rain would be harmful. Maybe they are allergic to water. Maybe they are seamen fearing a storm. Maybe they are the organizers of a parade. Maybe they own a baseball team and will lose money it it rains. But I never think of that sky as threatening. I get to stay indoors, warm and toasty, and have no problems, as long as the plastic rain hat doesn't come off of my telephone junction box, allowing it to get wet inside and cutting off my internet connection. I like the grey sky. It is sort of like being in a Pissarro painting. But, all day the grey sky and no rain until just a short time ago, and only the lightest of rains. Maybe later, more.

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