rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Not only have most of the jasmine blossoms turned brown, but a week of smoky air has killed every blossom on the trumpet vine. The vine only recently bloomed, too. I'm very annoyed at that lightning that started all the fires. I probably won't be saying anything nice about thunderstorms anytime soon. It also continues to be annoying that, as soon as the evening cools off en ugh to make opening the windows practical, the smoke returns. There are also fewer crickets chirping than I'd expect this early in the summer. I wonder if they're dying of smoke inhalation? So far, this is about my least favorite summer ever.

But when reality bites, there's Internets for minor compensations. YouTube again, which provides this curiosity, a 1930s tango record called Mexikanische Serenade, by the German-Hungarian Barnabas von Géczy Tanz-Orchester. Evocative graphics accompany.

Goodbye, crappy June!

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