rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Waiting for Normal

The last couple of days would have been nice had it not been for the smoke. The inversion layer that kept things fairly cool was also what held the smoke close to the ground. This morning, visibility dropped blow a quarter of a mile. The trees beyond the orchard vanished from view. Now the inversion layer is finally lifting, and the day became very hot, but the smoke rose and left behind only a heavy haze rather than the choking stench which has recently prevailed. Unfortunately, the fire is now moving closer to the river and may leap it.

Winds will pick up tonight, and they are building an emergency firebreak along the eastern edge of town, just as a precaution. I will be hearing bulldozers all night. The water bombers have been able to resume flights though, as the low-level smoke has sufficiently cleared to allow the fliers to actually see the fire itself from the air— and to see the ground, of course, and thus to not run into any mountains. Control date for the fires is still set at July 9th. If I could leave here I'd pack up and go to San Francisco for the next two weeks.

At least we might be able to open the windows tonight, if the smoke continues to dissipate. What with the accumulated odor from the burning, and the air conditioner going, the house smells like a stale smoked ham in a dirty refrigerator. I'll be so glad when this is over.

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