rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

What In Blazes

Thanks to an inversion layer which kept it very still today, the air is unspeakable. That won't stop me from speaking about it, of course. The fires are not expected to be controlled, let alone out, until the beginning of July, so we're apt to be inhaling smoke for quite awhile. Of course, if a stiff enough wind came up it might blow the smoke away, but then it would also fan the fires. It's lose-lose.

I'm a bit disappointed that the Interwebz aren't full of schadenfreudean posts about the wildfires being California's punishment for our Supreme Court's decision about gay marriage. Then I could point out that almost all the fires are in regions that are among the most conservative in the state, and a majority of their inhabitants are undoubtedly opposed to gay marriage. My guess is that God is pissed off at the firefighters for some reason. After all, they're the ones who have to get right up into the fires' grills. Maybe it's because they prevented Paradise from burning?

Or maybe the fires got started simply because it's been a dry year and a rare June thunderstorm came through— but how likely is that to have happened without divine intervention? Hey, maybe God has decided to hate on the raccoons and squirrels for a change? Anyway, once we figure out what offence we've committed, if any, maybe we can fix it and have something more like the sort of fairly pleasant weather San Francisco is having.

Firefighter Blog has frequent updates and an assortment of Satellite imagery, for those who want to watch the place get incinerated. Enjoy! Oh, and on the fire map there, ours are the American River Complex (actually 10 small fires scattered about) to the southwest and the Canyon Complex (50 small fires, 0% contained) to the northeast.

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