rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Back Burner

Even before the sky paled this morning, the bright orange gibbous moon had grown indistinct. As dawn approached, I could see that the heavy smoke had reduced visibility to little more than a quarter mile. The pines beyond the orchard were wreathed in gray, as though a fog had descended, but it was only smoke. The daily shift of the breezes brought no relief, as another large fire is burning in that direction. The air was thick with smoke all day. The only thing different from yesterday was that the water bombers have shifted to another route and we had none flying over the house. Now the breeze has shifted back to the north, and that fire will be sending its smoke to us all night. It's making me nostalgic for the dense Los Angeles smog of my childhood. The smog didn't stink so, though. The fires are likely to be burning for quite a while yet. I am quite vexed.

These fires have so far offered no threat to the town. Still, I'm glad the blue jays in the nest at the corner of the house have apparently all fledged. Should the fire come here, they'll be able to fly away. They continue to come into the yard to get water and to feed on whatever it is they find in the dry lawn. Aside from their squawks, the jays hold quieter conversations among themselves which sound like somebody twisting the dial of a radio that picks up only broadcasts of munchkins. It's oddly soothing to listen to them chatter so softly.

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