rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I got busy doing things and forgot to go out and look at the moon setting through the trees. There was a huge halo around the moon tonight. It may have been the largest I have ever seen. It looked to be about thirty times the moon's diameter. Think of dropping a pebble in still water, but only one ripple forms, and, at the farthest extent of its travel, it suddenly freezes. That is what the sky looked like tonight. Two nights ago there was a halo around the moon, but it was very small. It made the moon look rather like the pupil of a giant eye in a photographic negative. Disconcerting. I think I like the big halo better.

A bit warmer tonight, and the lawn is only slightly crunchy underfoot. A minimal frost, as warmer, moist air moves up from the south. Rain tomorrow. I can hardly wait to hear it falling.

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