rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The bank's thermometer said 105 degrees this afternoon. It's usually off a bit, but even at that, it was way too hot. Birds were drinking out of the bowl of water I leave out for the stray cats. How thirsty do birds have to be to drink water that tastes like kitty spit? Pretty thirsty, I'm guessing. I, on the other hand, didn't have to drink the glass of water in which an earwig drowned itself. I just got a fresh glass. Not wanting to waste water, I poured the earwig's glass into the kitty bowl. Then the birds had to drink water tasting of kitty spit and earwig. So glad I'm not a bird.

Maybe it's the heat, but vast swaths of cirrus clouds have formed tonight and, the moon being full, the sky is draped and illuminated like a tacky award show stage set. I'm expecting Betelgeuse to receive a lifetime achievement award. Naturally, the frogs and crickets are providing the music, with some help from the northern breeze which is playing the pines and oaks. It's all going to provide a grand setting for the entrance of the last day of spring. Friday will bring the summer solstice. I must buy more beer. It just wouldn't be the summer solstice without an excess of beer.

Also, I just ate that bunch of sugary stuff that accumulates at the bottom of a large jar of honey roasted peanuts. I think it might be about to make me sick. Sure was tasty though.

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