rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hot Hot Hot

Still here. Surprisingly, the electricity is still here too. Winds have become variable locally, though they've died down somewhat. Oddly, we still have no smoke in the air at our house. Stepping outside the first thing I smell is gardenia and and jasmine. But they're evacuating a big chunk of the west side of town now. We're on the east side. The fire front runs from Butte Creek Canyon in the southwest, and across several ridges south of town. This afternoon will be critical, as southerly winds are expected. Even with no wind, the town would still be under some threat as it's uphill from the fire, and fires like to move uphill when there's no wind. There's still plenty of fuel for it. Lots of pictures here (I've seen none of this in person. Funny when you have to use the Internets to see what's going on a few miles away.)

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