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Despite increasing clouds which turned evening gray, it was warmer again today. Tonight is overcast, but I doubt there will be rain. At least a cool breeze has come to make the trees murmur an accompaniment to the chirping crickets. The starless sky is like dark, blue-gray marble. Going outside I'll need a sweater before morning. The sun will have some catching up to do if it's going to make tomorrow as balmy as today was.

Another YouTube discovery: A 1929 recording of Jimmy McHugh's I Can't Give You Anything But Love, with a German text replacing Dorothy Fields' English lyrics. It's by a short-lived vocal group called Abels Jazzsänger, and it's one of the strangest things I've come across while Tubing— a Tin Pan Alley tune of the jazz age performed with harmonies and vocal style one would expect to hear applied to some song from a fluffy German operetta. I do enjoy oddities. For those who don't, here's one of the most sweetly romantic recordings of the same song, sung in English by Ella Fitzgerald.

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