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Now there are at least three kitties hanging around my house. There's the original gray cat, another gray cat with a white face, and a gray tabby. Can I get some color here? None of them will get within ten feet of me, but they are all happy to munch any food I put out for them. It's probably a mistake to put food out. Once word spreads I'll be hosting swarms of feral cats. The blue jays are already unhappy, and squawk every time one or another of the cats comes in the yard by day. Little do they know the cats are here off and on all night.

Today, more local deforestation took place. The the people at the end of the block took out a young ponderosa of about thirty feet, and then a very large oak which had long leaned precariously over their house. I can understand why both of them were removed (the ponderosa was between two houses and probably rooting into the water systems of both and the oak would have broken the ridge beam of the house had it fallen), but it's still sad to see them go. Neither the birds nor the squirrels will be happy about it either. The space the oak once occupied now looks terribly bare, even though there are still several trees around the gap.

More bareness, but of the NSFW sort: Tiny pictures of naked ladies, dating from the early years of the 20th century. Some very arty cheesecake here. And, in the interest of equality (and just as NSFW), tiny pictures of naked men, from the same era, at the same site.

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