rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Saturday Sloth

OMG! Cleveland has a death ray! As they've had it since 1934 and have not yet used it on us, we may be safe. But still. Is it really a good idea for Cleveland to have the ability to destroy the world? I think not. Something ought to have been done about it by now.

Incidentally, the whole Modern Mechanix blog (which I believe I've linked to before) is endlessly entertaining. Yesterday's Tomorrow, Today!

The storm (such as it is) decided to stick around for another day, so afternoon was splendidly gloomy, though only slightly wet. It would have been better for the plants and birds and other creatures had this early spring day arrived on schedule in early spring, long before the jasmine blossoms opened, but plants nor birds nor the fluttering moths get to choose their weather. It will be June soon enough, and the heat will return, so I intend to enjoy this fragment of March or April lost in May, for however long it lasts. Most of my fellow denizens of the woods and fields will survive, I've no doubt. A soggy, overcast day is surely better for all than drought.

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