rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Despite another cool day, the jasmine has begun blooming, though its fragrance is only detectable from nearby. Once we get another warm night, the whole house and garden will start smelling like a seraglio. Too bad it didn't begin tonight, as it would have provided a nice accompaniment to the sight of the big orange moon I can see through the pines.

Of course nothing that goes on here will be as interesting as what goes on in a seraglio. Well, maybe almost as interesting, now that I'm a Tuber (aka a YouTube potato.) I can sit here and watch, among other things, a clip from one of my favorite movies, including a vocal performance by Fred Astaire and three of the Stafford Sisters (the latter being lip-synced by three ladies, at least one of whom must have been born during the reign of Queen Victoria. The mere sight of this odd trio appearing to do swing era close vocal harmonies has inevitably filled me with amused delight since I first saw this movie on television at the age of twelve or so.) The band leader glimpsed about twenty seconds in is none other than Ray Noble, in what was (I believe) his only movie appearance as a character rather than as himself.

But I'm running late and must prepare myself for tomorrow's big head-yanking appointment. I'll have one more viewing, though, just to test the link.

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