rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Hedged In

A dog was howling at no moon, but while a bright and sultry day sent every creature scurrying for shade. The cat who came to drink from the bowl I keep on my back porch did not linger, but returned stepping quickly to the green and woody place beyond the fence. A blue jay emerged to screech at him, but soon gave up and vanished among oak leaves.

The blue is faintly hazed, as though in sympathy with my heat-struck mind. I put a book aside then pick it back up then put it aside. Rather better on such a day to surrender to the temptation to doze, and in some half dream find respite in cool images summoned from some other May less stunned by relentless heat.

Sunday Verse

Emily Dickinson: 661

Could I but ride indefinite
As doth the Meadow Bee
And visit only where I liked
And No one visit me

And flirt all Day with Buttercups
And marry whom I may
And dwell a little everywhere
Or better, run away

With no Police to follow
Or chase Him if He do
Till He should jump Peninsulas
To get away from me –

I said "But just to be a Bee"
Upon a Raft of Air
And row in Nowhere all Day long
And anchor "off the Bar"

What Liberty! So Captives deem
Who tight in Dungeons are.

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