rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Warmer and Sneeze-Inducing

This year the pollen count is much higher than it was by the second week of May last year. I'd hoped that the rain the other day, though brief, would have washed more of the pollen from the pine trees, but all afternoon the yellow dust went drifting by on every breeze. The people who officially keep track of such things say that there is a lot of grass pollen in the air right now, too, though that's something we can't see. Why do so many plants want to destroy my sorry ass all at once? It's got to be a conspiracy by tissue makers. Ah-choo!

The evening air may be filled with vile particles, but it is nice and cool after an a surprisingly warm day, and the fat, waxing crescent moon is still high long after sunset. The frogs and crickets are singing softly, but almost everything else has fallen silent except for the occasional distant car or barking dog. There's not even a rustle of leaves. This is not the most exciting town in which to spend a Saturday night. But then who needs excitement when they gots Internet!?

If your town is as dull as mine, you can spend a couple of minutes watching The Walk of No Shame, a commercial for some sort of energy beverage, to the uncut YouTube post of which all sorts of blague-ish people are linking.

We're linking to a commercial!

I found it via the formerly-important Brad, to whom I'm not linking. But I'm linking to the commercial! Viral advertising! And I'm linking to it (oh, for shame!) We are very near the end of civilization!

If you'd rather not click on a link to a commercial, but are still finding the night (or morning) dull, here's another Library of Congress Bain Collection photo of an early 20th century wrestler in beefcake pose, though not naked this time: German-Swiss champion John Lemm, about 1910. Doesn't he look like he was thinking about kittens? I'm almost sure he was.

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