rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Something that fascinates me about the street view feature of Google Maps is that sometimes people get caught in the photos. I know this is no different form a person being caught in any other photo that ends up on the Internet, but somehow a person being on Google Maps Street View seems especially strange to me. Like, sometimes a particular street view has overlapping photos, so you will see two slightly different angles of a scene if you click on the arrow changing the vantage point, and there will be a person in one of them and not in the other. It's like seeing ghosts.

I think how, if these pictures survive, a hundred years from now somebody might go looking through a Google Maps Street View Archive and see some long-dead guy appear and then vanish with whatever is then the equivalent of a mouse click. It's all just so weird. Technology is all just so weird.

Anyway, looking at a lot of Google Maps Street Views (which take so long to load that it's like being back on dial-up) is what I've been doing this evening, and I'm dizzy with it. I barely took the time to look out the window and see the thin waxing moon before it vanished behind the pines. It seems as though reality and I have had but a passing acquittance of late. I'm spending all my time wallowing about in the virtual dives of the Internet with my e-slut of a computer. Again. But there's so much to see, especially of stuff that hasn't been seen for ages. Look at these old church ladies! And that was long before Google Maps. How remarkable the weirdness we're stuck in is!

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