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Cinco de Mayo My

The pine pollen has eased up a bit since yesterday's brief rain. Now maybe I can get down to enjoying May. Said enjoyment was delayed today as the long-empty place beyond our back fence was getting a major grounds-cleaning. All afternoon there was the whine of blowers and mowers and saws and such as winter's detritus was gathered up and hauled away. A good thing,on the whole, despite the disturbance, as now there will be less stuff apt to harbor vermin of various sorts.

Though, speaking of vermin, I nearly turned an ankle on the front lawn last night when I stepped into a freshly dug opening to a gopher hole. Another reason to miss my cats. I wish I could get one of the feral cats to go after it for me. Otherwise I have to put the hose down the hole and drown the little rodent out. I'd let the gopher be, but even one of them can tear a yard to pieces in a few weeks, and the front lawn would end up one big hazard. I like my ankles unturned,and my entire yard accessible.

Something I would like to say to certain people from non-Southern regions of the United States, just in case they ever come across this post: I don't use the pronoun "y'all", as I've never found the English language's lack of a formal second person plural to be particularly inconvenient or distressing. In the rare pinch, I might say "you guys", or "dudes!" but, aside from that, I find the language of Shakespeare still adequate to the task of differentiating between individuals and groups.

But of late there has developed a fashion of sorts among people living in far-flung regions of the English speaking world to affect the style of the American South (I blame the inexplicable popularity of country music and certain stand-up comics I don't find particularly funny, plus the occasional cultural carpetbagger in places such as Hollywood and New York) when using pronouns.

Listen, guys! Here's what you need to do in order not to have me laugh my ass off at you in public: You need to not use the colloquialism "y'all" when addressing only one individual! It's a plural pronoun! To provide a plural is the only plausible excuse for this peculiar usage to even exist! When you address me, all by my lonesome, as "y'all", it makes me suspect that you might believe me to have multiple personality disorder. I am but one person! Say to me "Would you like fries with that?" and not "Would y'all like fries with that?" OK?

Reward for enduring my rantlet: Famous stripper at YouTube!

Bettie Page takes it (a little of it, anyway) off in 1950.

Bettie Page was to dance as Bill Shatner is to acting! Oh, my!

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