rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So the dental appointment resulted in the complete replacement of an inlay only a few months old. My gums are sore from the poking and prodding and stabbing. I hope this filling holds up better than the previous one.

Aside from that, the day was pleasant enough, being cool and topped with fluffy white clouds, reminding me of a sundae. It even had some sprinkles on it, of the water variety, naturally, rather than the candy variety. Evening brought a brief sun shower, and then the frogs began their nightly chorus. I'll give the day a six.

Fans of soused cinema: boozemovies presents a schedule of upcoming (not upchucking we hope) movies to outrage Frances E. Willard on Turner Classic Movies. No, I don't think the movies were deliberately chosen to outrage Frances E. Willard (who is long quite dead in any case), but merely that she would be outraged by them, her having been a leading temperance advocate (though not at all temperate in her opposition to alcoholic beverages.) In particular note this very next Friday at 2:30pm Eastern (repeats 12:15am Eastern on Wednesday the 14th), one of my favorite movies, the appropriately named High Society, the 1956 musical version of The Philadelphia Story, with music by Cole Porter, and Grace Kelly's last movie, to boot.
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