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Al Gore must have gotten that global warming thing fixed, because I'm freezing my ass off. There was sunshine for awhile, and I was going to go out and sit in it when I got the chance, but now the day has gone gray and shivery. Rain is not predicted, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it, nor displeased, even though it would probably be icy cold. I like a cool spring, but this is pretty extreme for late April.

The house next door is still being renovated, and the latest event is that a large bolder which sat in one corner of the front yard has been unearthed and turned over. It looks as though they're getting it ready to be broken up and hauled away. I'll miss that boulder. All my cats (and many other neighborhood cats over the years) enjoyed napping in, or watching the street from, a shallow, cat-shaped depression atop it. It gave them a vantage point about thirty inches above the ground, and they seemed to consider it a fine spot for a snooze. My cats all being gone now, they won't miss the boulder, but I'll miss the reminder of seeing them there.

I'm currently downloading from the Internet Archive Manhatta, a 1921 movie made by painter Charles Sheeler and photographer Paul Strand. It can also be streamed from there or from the Metropolitan Museum, which describes it as " imaginary day in the life of New York City, beginning with footage of Staten Island ferry commuters and culminating with the sun setting over the Hudson River." The titles are from Walt Whitman's poem of the same name. I'm looking forward to finding out what they added as a sound track, if any.

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