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The sky was burnished gray all afternoon, and then a gap opened, bringing the sun to illuminate the fresh blossoms emerging on the dogwood trees. Once the dogwoods bloom it needs to be all spring, all the time, even if it rains. I won't have a frost spoiling the dogwoods! It will not do! And then at dusk I heard the first cricket of the year, beyond the back fence. At first I thought it was just another frog, but closer listening revealed the unmistakable chirp of a cricket.

By nightfall, the clouds had reclaimed most of the sky and I saw few stars emerge. The sun wasn't out long enough to bring much warmth, either, so the night is apt to be chilly again. It will give me reason to wear one of the two turtle neck pullovers I got at Kmart today. They were among the last of the spring sale goods in the store, so I probably won't buy anything new again until next February or March. Yay spring sales. Yay spring.

LJ was once small and easily navigated, and word of interesting posts would soon spread. That hasn't been the case for some time, which is probably why I have no friends in common with, and have never before run across, monacojerry even though he's been here for a couple of years and he posts the sort of things many people on my friends list would probably find interesting (though he posts infrequently.) An example from last year features severed heads, spurting blood, writhing serpents, and several instances of bronze penis, not to mention actual prose. I mean, what's not to like?

A while back I linked to Booze Movies, and I'm pleased to say that it continues to provide literate libations for the arid spirit weary of dry cinema. Among recent offerings was this fond look at "City Lights", which is one of my favorite movies. And for those who wish to be apprised of updates at the site, I've created an LJ feed for it: booze_movies. I know that LJ's feed feature is somewhat half-assed, but Booze Movies is updated less frequently than most sites and thus, despite featuring some photographs in every post (thumbnails, thankfully), is unlikely to run afoul of LJ's foolish 300KB limit for fetchable feeds. So far I'm the only subscriber. Join me!

Bonus from You Tube: LOL Rats!

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