rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bloom Berg

Warmer air is making its way hither. Yon will have to fend for itself. This afternoon I noticed several patches of tiny purple flowers growing in the back lawn. I have no idea what they are, and wonder if the species is new to the area, or if I've just never noticed it before. The flowers are so tiny they'd be easily overlooked in small numbers, but the patches I saw today covered two or three square feet each. The color is like a mauve haze on the green grass. I'll check them daily to see if they're still there. If their flowering is brief that would explain why I've never seen them before. What I have seen before, and am seeing this year in abundance, is dandelions. I'm amazed at how rapidly they are going to seed. Already there are a couple dozen ready to blow, and a whole crop of new yellow flowers is already emerging. The whole town could end up being swallowed by dandelions. I probably wouldn't miss it if if did.

This is over a year old and I never knew about it: I don't care how dumb it is, it's still funnier than any of the comics I've seen in the papers lately.

I hope they finish working on the house next door soon. The disturbance to my sleep is not only playing havoc with my schedule, it's making me punchy. I'm already punchy enough from the pollen. The warming will make that worse. Oh, spring.

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