rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

LJ Got Back?

OMG! LiveJournal still exists! I was sure it would go out of business due to its shameless users holding a 24 hour content strike to blackmail the poor entrepreneurs who were dumb enough to buy it a few months ago. Oh, wait. Hardly anybody posts anything on Friday anyway. Wank God It's Friday.

Speaking of boycottery, I broke my rule of buying no more CDs (piss on you, RIAA), and it was because I found that this 1963 June Christy album was available on CD. While I have no doubt I could live without this album, I found it unthinkable that I should die without ever having owned a copy of it. At one time it was possible to turn on a radio late at night and hear the remarkable performances on this album. Radio is pretty much done with June Christy now, though I she can be heard now on Internet music streamers such as Pandora and Jango (the latter I've found to be less than fully baked, and its sign-up page may freeze up on you as it did me, but its concept is interesting— and yay Internet.) Actually owning a copy of the CD saves on bandwidth, though, and me having AT&T-Yahoo bottom-of-the-barrel DSL service, that's a distinct advantage.

I am linking to this photo of a fast food stand in (apparently) downtown Los Angeles solely (hah hah) because I like the title it's been given.

There was weather. It was nice. It will probably replay tomorrow.

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