rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today I noticed a dozen or more yellow dandelions dotting the back yard, and one other that has already developed a seed head. Plus, purple sourgrass flowers are returning. All this on the day we finally got a bit more rain. Though the sky looked stormy for hours on end, nothing came of it until late afternoon. Then it began, the fresh green slashed by rain, the pines set muttering by stiff wind, and the few patches of blue sky closed off by roiling clouds which were soon swallowed by darkness deeper than their own. Not long after nightfall, the rain ended and the wind fell silent. Now the thinned clouds drift like strands of translucent silk, back-lit by the waxing moon. Despite the chill, a few frogs are croaking nearby. It seems for now that the storm is gone, but there could be more rain tomorrow, and Saturday might even bring thunder and lighting. I will hope.

Oh, and my head has been yanked, and my neck is feeling better. Another Thursday the 13th survived!

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