rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Whole Different World

No new ad-free basic accounts at LJ! Existing basic accounts will be grandfathered in, but any new journals created from now on will have to be either paid or will have to display advertisements. Some users are upset that there was no advance announcement that it was going to be done. Well, duh! How many free accounts would users have tried to create if they'd known that new ones were about to become unavailable?

Well, the non-Russian who heads the company that bought LJ is rumored to have spent something like 30 million for it (giving 6A a (probably temporary) new lease on life, if the rumors are true), and they need to get something out of the deal. Too bad (for them) that this particular path is probably doomed. Just about everybody now has, or will soon get, a browser with some sort of adblock feature. Besides, if anybody is looking to start an online journal these days, LJ is probably pretty far down the list of places to do it, and the free ad-free accounts were about the last thing differentiating it from all the other self-publishing sites. I don't see any really rapid growth ahead for LJ. How many make-your-own-content websites can people fill up, anyway? And how many viewers are there for them?

The only questions now are probably how long before SUP dumps the place, and for how much of a loss? LJ worked as a site run on the cheap, mostly by volunteers. As a business model, it probably sort of sucks.

Head yanking tomorrow afternoon. It's about time. My neck keeps getting catches.

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