rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Drink to That

Oh, it was Leap Day and I totally missed it. It was only my second Leap Day at LJ, too, and I intended to do something special. There won't be another one for four years! I think I'll spend the last few minutes of the day trying to catch up with the holiday spirit I foolishly missed out on.

I know! I'll drink really fast while perusing Booze Movies: The 100 Proof Film Guide! Among the screen gems featured in this weblog's assorted reviews of movies celebrating (or, in this case, deploring) Demon Rum is The Wet Parade, a 1932 film based on a novel by none other than Upton Sinclair. The cast includes Robert Young (television's Best-Knowing Father himself!), Lewis Stone (Andy Hardy's beloved old dad!) and Jimmy Durante (...just a minute... ummm... oh, I know. He got mentioned in Cole Porter's original lyric to "You're the Top"!) I've never seen The Wet Parade, but have a suspicion that it could prove to be the "Reefer Madness" of the temperance crowd!

Also, the fine weather continues. How will I bear it? Already my nose is as red as (appropriately) W.C. Fields', but from sneezing out pollen. And the mulberry tree hasn't even put forth a single blossom yet! I'm doomed!

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