rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Oh, the warmth and near-summeryness! I could barely hear myself think this afternoon for all the singing and chattering of birds. And tomorrow would be only the first of March were this not a leap year! What is to become of us now? The plants will bloom, the birds will nest, the reservoirs will go dry, the earth will turn to dust, we will blow away! Say goodbye, California!

In case I don't survive another balmy day, here's a link I keep forgetting to put up: The LibriVox Collection at Internet Archive. Over a thousand items now available from this collection of free, public domain audio books, read by volunteers. Classics abound, of course, along with a number of oddities such as four Max Carrados detective stories by the little-known author Ernest Bramah. The volunteers get to pick whatever they want to read (as long as it's out of copyright), so people with eccentric tastes will have a great deal to do with what turns up in the collection. I find that a virtue. Also, most of the books are in English, but I've spotted a few in other languages. Stream or download. It's a collection well worth poking about in.

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