rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sun did Shine

Vague clouds provided the setting sun a canvas for a splendid display of color. For several minutes, the west was mauve and rose and pale blue, and then it all turned deeper blue bruised with gray. Night is anticlimactic. The sunsets never last long enough.

Interesting: Immigrants less likely than native born Americans to be incarcerated for crimes, according to the phrasing of the article in the Sacramento Bee, a Bastion of the Liberal Media. Immigrants less likely than native born Americans to commit crimes, according to the actual study on which the report in that Bastion of the Liberal Media was based.

So, Californians have gotten so stupid that the Bee has to resort to misleadingly sensational, jingoistic ledes just to lure their spittle-dripping readers far enough into the story to discover what it really says? But then the readers' heads explode when they reach that part of the article they can't abide, and circulation falls again. So why bother with the subterfuge? Just accept that the obtuse, blatherskite demographic will eventually be lost, anyway. Let the whole staff write well. Let them write about the subject the way the conservative columnist the Bee picked up when the pathetic, right-wing Sacramento Union went bust a couple of decades ago, Dan Walters, did.

The question the editor needs to ask is how disarrayed is a newspaper when a columnist's report on something is more accurate and to-the-point than a news writer's report? Pretty disarrayed, thinks me.

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