rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Saturday, but nobody is using a power mower or a leaf blower or a chainsaw. Instead, the stillness is broken only by the occasional flutter of bird wings or the caw of a crow, or a car passing on a nearby street. For a while, two boys were playing on a trampoline in a back yard at the end of the block, but they have gone. The sun shines through the chill air on a placid scene.

The swift flocks of crows share the sky with puffy white clouds which form and grow, drift for a while and dissolve again. Some parts of the sky are slightly less blue than others. They look rather like that Victorian art glass which has a matte finish. A Lalique (sp?) sky.

In the field behind the new modular house down the road, where the ground has been prepared for a lawn, I saw a flock of crows pecking at the brown earth. Later, a few crows were perched in the bare branches of a nearby oak. They, at least, seem to be enjoying the winter. And it is enjoyable to see the trees bare, for a change. It is like having Japanese paintings pop up at every turn.

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