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Mildness [Feb. 12th, 2008|11:04 pm]
OK, now I have seen everything! And having seen it, I urgently desire never to see it again! Somehow, I can't help but blame the Internets. Did such things exist before we all went online? If so, I certainly never knew of them. (Via thirdhand)

Back here in reality I left my windows open well past sunset, this evening having been even more springlike than the previous. Surprisingly, a few tiny patches of snow are still intact, mostly along the fence, where they are shaded by the jasmine hedge. And I also heard fowl of some sort (geese, I think) calling from very high as they flew north in the early darkness. The clarity of the sky was marvelous, but the birds were too distant to see. This is very early for them to be departing, so I suspect they might simply be taking advantage of the mild weather to go fishing in the mountain lakes. I hope they don't find them too depleted.

And as much as we need more winter to replenish the region's reservoirs, I do hope that the air is as clear and mild next week as it is tonight. The night of February 20-21 is when the lunar eclipse takes place. I'd very much like to watch this one, but our normal weather for the season is cloudy. It will seem as though the nice nights we're having now were wasted if the clouds return to obscure the eclipse.

Now, I'm behind schedule due to looking after the aged parents, who haven't been feeling well. They're sleeping now. I'd better grab a shower while I can.