rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Oh Hey Guyz!

GenXers prepare to defy their midlife crises with grinds and ollies. Good luck with that, dudes. "Puker" looks as though he's held up pretty well, though, displaying no obvious ill effects from the behavior from which his nickname must have been derived.

I have no idea who these guys are, but when I ran across their photo I was immediately reminded of the kids who used to skate in the Kmart parking lot here twenty years ago. All of those have vanished into the maw of adulthood, and probably have kids of their own by now, and houses, and ex-wives, somewhere. I presume that most, if not all, had to leave this economically challenged backwater in order to find decent jobs not related to geriatric medicine, or pumping out septic tanks, or chopping down trees. If I saw any of them again I probably wouldn't recognize them.

I would imagine that they are developing crow's feet and grey hair, though, and that more than a few of them require medications to assuage the nagging reminders of old injuries. I saw more than a few of them slam into the ground more than once, hard enough to surprise me that they were able to get back on their boards. Now the summer boys surely know what they didn't know then; it's not the air alone that's lamed with leaping.

Tonight a rising wind draws chilly northern air which has quickly displaced day's spring-like softness. The wind isn't strong enough to be heard indoors, but outside it makes the pines hum and rustles the leaves of bushes lately released from snow. The lawn still wears a few small patches of snow, but I expect the wandering air will make those evaporate by morning. Westward, the crescent moon grins and casts itself a hazy halo, revealing a swath of thin, lingering clouds. A silhouette of bare oak branches frames that stretch of sky, but only for a few more weeks. Already I have noticed a pink haze of impending blossoms hovering amid the orchard's apple trees, and the first purple flowers of the sourgrass have already emerged. Moments ago, I thought I caught a whiff of spurge laurel on the air, but that may have been my imagination. It won't be long before it does scent the night, though. Spring surely lurks tonight.

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