rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Punked by the weatherman again, I woke up to find still more snow falling. Today, I couldn't even find the morning paper; it was entirely buried. The snow has been falling steadily all day, and we now have about five inches of fresh snow atop the five or six already accumulated. It's wet snow, too. The plow truck didn't come by until dusk, and in the meantime the kids from down the block were having a great time making donuts along the street with their noisy little four-wheeled vehicles. None of them crashed and no necks were broken. I guess that's a good thing.

Anyway, with several inches of wet snow on the roof (fewer than the ten or so inches on the ground, though, as the roof, being warmer than the ground, had managed to melt a larger percentage of what had fallen earlier), I hear the house creak ominously now and then. I've decided that I don't want it to cave in. I don't think it's entirely my decision, though, as neither I nor anybody else in the house is capable of getting up there to shovel the weight off. I suppose if the snow continues much longer that nephews will have to be summoned or, if they are unavailable, other enterprising folk will have to be hired to do snow removal. For cash. Drat.

Last night the gray kitty slept on the back porch again, for the first time since the beginning of the year. I wonder of his owners have gone away for the weekend and left him to fend for himself? If so, they picked a fine time to leave a poor cat outside. If they've gone on a ski weekend, the only thing that would prevent me from wishing an avalanche on them is the fact that then the cat would probably be utterly homeless, and I'm in no position to adopt him. After all, my house is about to collapse.

Electricities, don't fail me now!

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