rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well, the rain turned out to be rather more solid than expected. In fact, it turned out to be snow. The town's snowplow trucks are falling behind in their work, too, and my unimportant street has been left buried. I've been watching homeward-bound neighbors who went out without chains or snow tires today, expecting only rain, and whose cars now must slip and slide and fishtail their way up the uncleared street.

So far, none of them have taken out any of the utility poles. But knowing that such scenes are being repeated all over town (and will grow more numerous as the evening rush period begins), and noting that the wind periodically kicks up, has me wary of a sudden vanishing of the electricity. I don't want to spend another cold night without it. Don't leave me, power! But the worst thing is that my chiropractic head yanking appointment had to be canceled. Ow. My neck is very, very annoyed, and letting me know it.

It is very pretty out there, though. There's a flock of odd little birds hanging around, providing a bit of distraction. Some are brown and others are blue and red, and I have no idea what species they are. But there are acorn woodpeckers about, too, perched on the lee side of the utility pole out front, their usual favorite spot during inclement weather. The birds only show up when the snowfall abates or a while, which it does every few minutes.

That the snow is not constantly falling is one encouraging sign. As fast as it comes down when it is falling, I can imagine ending up under two or three feet of it if it continued into tomorrow. The forecast in the paper (which was delayed this morning, so I had to slog down the driveway to fetch it when I woke up this afternoon, and found only after probing several lumps in the snow) predicts at least four more days of intermittent precipitation. Oh. I do hope it warms up a bit.

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