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Nobody sent me the memo that said there would be snow here today. Or maybe they E-mailed it, and AT&T-Yahoo lost it for me. However that may be, I was taken by surprise early this morning when I looked outside and saw the landscape wearing a fresh coat of snow. Sneaky, silent snow. Later, as the day grew slightly warmer, fresh snow alternated with icy rain that turned the snow slushy. Plus, all of a sudden, rain is predicted for at least the next four days in the valley, which means more snow is apt to fall here. I could be trapped! The electricity could go out again! The telephone could go out again! I could be (gasp) without Internets! I might as well be dead! I could be dead! Clearly the weather is all about me!

I don't like the idea of being killed by the weather (what have I ever done to it, I ask), so I've gone into denial and begun looking at stuff online. I found something else I never got the memo about: turns out there are such things as corn flavored rice cakes! We are very near the end of civilization! Also,the site is called, and it purports to be about snacks. As a native of Southern California, I can assure all and sundry that taquitos, properly made, are not a snack, but a food group! A delicious food group!

A somewhat more sensible website is devoted to ten Gods of beer. Suddenly I'm feeling religious. I do note, however, that the illustration depicting Silenus on that page is far more convincing than the statue depicting his drinking buddy Dionysus. Nobody who drinks as much as Dionysus could possibly have abs like that, deity or not.

For those whose Internets don't go away over the next few days comes news (via scottobear) that the Library of Congress has a Flickr account! Among the items they've posted so far is this 1910s photo of a group of boxers, which comes from one of my favorite LOC photo collections, the George Grantham Bain Collection. The photo has names, but no other information, which is often the case with items from the Bain Collection. A mystery! I've been poking about on the Internets (while I've got a connection), and I think I might have discovered something about the boxers depicted. Follow the links in the comment on that page. Oh, the digital fun! Oh, the devouring of time!

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