rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Such a dolt. After more than six months here, I finally discovered that those three little dots (yeah, I know, elipsis) following "Update Journal" and "Friends" and "User Info" over there on the blue panel at the left of many LJ pages, are seperate links. Well, duh! The "Update Journal" elipsis takes you to the full page, where you can choose which icon to use and all that, and the "User Info" elipsis takes you to the full page which tells you how many posts you have made, etc. Useful. The "Friends" elipsis leads to the filter page, where you can choose which friend groups you want to see on your friends page, and such things. Also useful. Why the hell does it take me so long to find out stuff like this? Feh!

Also, I forgot to mention that I got the excellent word goatload, which I used in yesterday's post, from Andrew. Credit where it is due.
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