rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Stupidly Trying to Fill Space in the Limitless Void of Teh Intarwebs

Just webloggy stuff today. With a touch of weird.

A site called Walk Score is an interesting concept, but clearly not ready for prime time. It scores neighborhoods for their walkability (scored from 0-100) based on the distances to various goods and services from any address which you the user provide. I did a few searches on it and found the results interesting, despite the fact that a lot of the information provided for neighborhoods with I'm currently most familiar is wrong. The site does provide honest caveats on a "How it Doesn't Work" page.

My old neighborhood in the slums of Rosemead got a 60. Of course they're counting the pokey religious bookstore as a real bookstore, and probably think Spike's Bar and Billiards is a place where one would not get beaten on by bikers, but still, I'd say the walkability score is not too far off.

And, Ed Begley on a bagel! The place I once lived in Alhambra got a 94! I guess I didn't know when I was (eventually going to be) well off. The place was pretty dull in the days when I lived there, despite being fairly convenient.

My current neighborhood gets an undeservedly high 40, which must be in part because of such things as an outfit called "Brothers & Sisters of the Way Joyous Journey Library" (which shares quarters in what must be either a single house or a converted garage on a gravel road about half a mile from here with an outfit called "Institute-Transformational") being counted as an actual library. Also, a park which is about a mile and a half distant by public road is counted as being 0.66 miles distant, because they are currently measuring everything by crow's-flight. I'd be inclined to discount Walk Score's conclusions pretty heavily, but I think it has some promise over the long run.

Gee, I wonder if my local pseudo-library's name is supposed to be inflected as "...of the Way/ Joyous Journey...." or "...of the/ Way Joyous Journey...."? Maybe I ought to check the place out, being it's so close. It's been such a long time since I've had a meatspace conversation with any foil-hatted folk. Way joyous, dude!

Below is an "entry" from a Blogger account that appears to consist entirely of the sort of filter-fooling gibbertext that email spammers use. Click on some of the page's "Archive" links or on any of the links on the archive page itself and you come back to the same page, with the search terms "free sex" in the search box at the top. The pseudoblog's entries begin below a couple of dozen advertising links to various websites (mostly porn), which must be the spam to which the thousands of lines of text below are intended to lure people who are doing searches. At least that's what I guess it's all about. Maybe it's something more sinister (there's some Russian text on the page). Maybe it's something more profound (there's some Russian text on the page).


"online graduate degree beaver alaska cerebral tissue perfusion brian votava rer_a4 locking gas can brooke top model black ski club in atlanta ga free beast story hot"
It almost seems to almost mean something when you read it really fast. I think this provides more evidence for the correctness of my theory that the spirit of Gertrude Stein is trapped in one of the tubes of The Internets. Too bad her spirit has become a pornographer. It did some better prose farther down the page, but I won't quote any of it because it was too long and nobody here would bother to read it anyway. And no, it wouldn't make my own prose look dull and pale by comparison. No. No, it wouldn't. Shut up.

Well, of course there's weather. Rain is expected to begin late Thursday or early Friday, and the temperatures will then drop enough to possibly bring the snow level down to my elevation. Oh no, snow! Well, I'll endure it as long as it means no more overdose of chlorine in the local water supply next summer. I don't have to love it though. But I did enjoy the preliminary breezes we had this afternoon, and the gathering clouds which brought another colorful sunset.

Bon Voyage, fair weather! Remember me when you're flying over the Rockies!

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