rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Happy Tues Day

This has been a day on which absolutely nothing of note happened here.

Thus it has been a day like any other.

Thursday, when I'm to get my head yanked, there will probably be rain again, and I'll have to go out and get wet. My shoes, unsuited to the damp weather, are additionally soon to fall apart. I have other shoes I bought at the same time I bought the now falling-apart pair (there was a tremendous sale and it seemed a good idea to get a couple of pair ahead), but something has happened to my feet since then and the other shoes are now too tight. My feet are fat! Well. The other shoes are also of the type unsuited to the damp, so maybe I ought to be thinking about buying some boots. Boots (of the right type) are quite suited to the damp, and to snow as well. My current shoes have an unfortunate tendency to slip on snow.

Now I need only arrange to get my sorry ass to someplace where I can buy boots before my current shoes fall apart and I'm forced to try squeezing my now fat feet into one of the other pair of slippery, wet-sucking shoes that I bought that day.

This exciting news about my life has been brought to you by LiveJournal (LiveJournal: Providing a means of self-exhibition on the cheap for over an eighteenth of a century); and by the modern surveillance state (Surveillance: It's not just for Commies anymore.)

Oh, the convergence! I tremble like a new lover embraced!

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