rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My knuckles are bleeding.

No, I didn't punch anyone, not even the nephew who built Sluggo. The thing is, I've had my hands in water a lot lately. And I've used a goatload of detergent. I've always had a problem with the skin on my hands drying out, and most detergents aggravate the problem. But this is about the worst drying I've ever had. The moisturizers just don't seem to be able to keep up with the demands I'm putting on them.

Too many dishes, (no, no dishwasher,) too many cloths to be wrung out, too frequent handwashing as a result of dealing with the portable toilet, too many things that require water and cleansers and such. When I make a fist, little drops of blood well up from the fissures in my knuckles, and my fingertips feel like fine sandpaper.

If my fingerprints wear off, maybe I can become a master criminal. I could probably already become a safe cracker, my fingertips are so sensitive. Too bad this didn't happen before all that new DNA technology came along. Always too late. Rats!

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