rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Boy did it get cold here tonight.

One disadvantage of living in a place that has very few kids is that the very few kids are apt to be spoiled. On Christmas day the few kids then spend hours going up and down the street in whatever vehicles Santa brought them. It used to be those plastic tricycles, with their hard, noisy wheels. Now that the few kids are older, it's usually something motorized. Today I endured about four hours of racket, off and on, starting about eight o'clock in the morning, as a kid went up and down the block in a small, four-wheeled device that sounded like it was powered by a leaf blower. I did not kill the child. I think I deserve a present for that. I'm thinking maybe I should get to keep Santa Claus. Mmmm, roast elf! Ho-ho-ho!

Boy is it cold!

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