rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In fact I thought it was Thursday....

So far the gray kitty hasn't shown up tonight. Maybe he has a better place for winter nights but last night he was unable to use it for some reason, and the chair with pillow on my back porch was his best alternative. Desperate kitty. I'd certainly want a better place to sleep on a cold night than that porch if I were a cat.

I usually don't envy Sacramento any more than I'd envy that cat, but tonight I found out about Shiny Object's "Movies on a Big Screen". They have weekly showings featuring various independent, art, and cult classic movies. Look at their archive, which includes at least a dozen movies I'd like to see and only one ("A Boy and His Dog") that I have actually seen (it used to show up on television once in a while in the 1970s and 1980s, but probably only because Don Johnson was in it.) I don't think most of those movies Shiny Object has shown have even been on IFC or the Sundance Channel. To think that Sacramento has been supporting such things for a couple of years now. Oh, envy (though not of the 200 car pile-ups in the winter fogs, or the smog so much of the year, or the dropping dead of heat in the dusty summers!)

Also attracting my interest, but available even to those of us stuck in backwaters—including me, at last, now that I have a higher speed Internets tube: The California Coastal Records Project. This is the outfit that, in publishing to the Internet a series of aerial photographs of the California coastline, incurred the wrath of Barbra Streisand, who believes that her back yard overlooking the Pacific should be off-limits to the prying eyes of the computer-owning rabble. She sued, and as a result (of course) everybody and his uncle (finally including me) has gone to the Coastal Records Project website and looked at and, in many cases, downloaded the photo depicting her backyard. I gots it! I gots it on my hard drive! If I knew how, I'd be inspired to make a lolBabs: "Let me sue you for having a photo of my back yard! My back yard! Let me sue you for having a photo of it!"

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