rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Finally having gotten a decent soaking today, the landscape is looking bedraggled but fresh. Not a single sunbeam pierced the tumbling gray clouds, and there was no pause in the drips and splashes and trickles from early morning until well past nightfall. The moss on the mulberrry tree's trunk has grown quite dense and has regained the vivid green shade it sports when well-watered.

At the moment, silence has fallen and the street is wreathed in drifts of fog, enhanced by the fact that the Christmas lights in the yard across the street are not lit. I don't know if the residents finally saw their electric bill, or if they finally realized that nobody was around to look at their display for most of the night, or if the rain shorted them out. Maybe the raccoons got fed up with the glaring intrusion on their accustomed nocturnal darkness and chewed through a wire. Whatever the cause for unsullied night's restoration, I'm grateful. See how easily I am pleased?

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