rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Saturday Blather

A naked, androgynous child is the mascot of Kewpee, a long-established fast food chain which originated in Flint, Michigan, but the only surviving store with the chain's classic architectural style is one in Lima (pronounced like the bean, not like its Peruvian namesake), Ohio. Note the cellulite-like rumpling on the Kewpee's legs. Truth in advertising! But there's also this: Clean. Sweet. Pretty. Plump. And "Hamburg-pickle-on-top-makes your heart go flippity-flop" is nothing if not distressing. I'm not sure I ever want to visit the Midwest.

This chain's name and iconic mascot appear to have been inspired by Kewpie dolls, an early 20th century fad launched in 1909 by Rose O'Neill, a writer for The Ladies Home Journal. Though the original Kewpie Doll fad has long since passed, it has recrudesced a few times and may yet do so again. It's a bit like herpes, I guess. Currently, the virus is most active in Japan, but there's no telling where it might pop up next.

Cleansing the virtual palate: A page about the Greek goddess Iris, complete with lovely illustrations from ancient artifacts.

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