rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Drunken crescent moon was falling on its ass this evening. I thought about following its example but decided that the night air was too cold for me to drink enough beer for that, and I settled instead for some tasty chocolate. Also, the chill has me thinking it's about time I picked up some pfeffernusse cookies, and maybe some assorted seasonal biscotti. Christmas cookies make the Baby Jesus forget all about people having moved His birthday to Saturnalia. In fact, had Christmas cookies not been invented, angry Baby Jesus would probably have allowed all of Christendom to fall to the Muslims in the middle ages, instead of just the more populous half of it. Bakers saved the West from the wrath of the angry Baby Jesus!

Speaking of whom, His lights across the street and down the block are probably going to shine all night again for just me and the owls and bats and raccoons to see, since nobody else comes around here or goes outside (except the two paper delivery guys who speed by around six o'clock in the morning.) He doesn't want the lights. He only wants the cookies. Trust me. But somebody either needs a timer switch for Christmas or expects to get a goatload of coal to give to the electric company.

Maybe wind will come tomorrow the weather bureau says. Cold night wind. Definitely need some pfeffernusse and some more chocolate.

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