rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Yo, Lucifer!

The lights are back. They've been spreading and multiplying for about a week now. The nights grow brighter—sort of; There's more local light, but this gets in my eyes and dims the light of the stars. Across the street there's now a tree made entirely of lights, accompanied by two snowmen (I guess) which (or who) are also exclusively the manifestations of carefully arranged electric bulbs. The tree and snowmen remained lit all day today. The house is occupied by renters and I now suspect that they might be getting the place with utilities paid. If so, the landlord is a dumbass. Anyway, I'm glad the cold keeps me indoors so much these nights. I don't have to stand there trying to see Orion while a bunch of blinking crap blinds me.

Also raked some leaves this afternoon. They're almost all gone. Goodbye, autumn.
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